Salah is the major form of worship that every Muslim offers daily five times regularly. It is obligatory upon a Muslim and a Muslimma is to offer no excuse when the time comes to offer or perform Salah. The performing of Salah in addition to representing the submission of every Muslims to their Lord.  It has other benefits as well which are highly cherished by every Muslim men and women.

The establishment or performing of Salah is one of the major topics upon which Quran has emphasized more than anything else. In Quran, Allah SWT has stressed upon Muslims to learn to offer or perform Salah regularly. The topic or lines below give the major benefits of Salah that explain the importance of Salah.

Invoking ALLAH

Although there is no constraint upon a Muslim men and women on how to invoke Allah Almighty but prayer is the preferred means of doing so. When a person worships Allah by performing Namaz, he or she develops a special connection with Allah.

Leading Towards Taqwa

Piety or righteousness is the Spreme objective which a Muslim wants to achieve in his or her life. All the instructions, constraints, rights, freedom, and education provided by Islam are with the  prime objective that a Muslim becomes pious and moves on the righteous path to worship ALLAH SWT. In this regard, Namaz has a great role to play as it promotes Taqwa or piety in the follower by doing so.

Reward In The world Hereafter

Every deed, whether good or bad that a Muslim men and women undertakes in this life, he or she will have to be answerable or responisble for it in the afterlife. Although all the deeds and acts will be rewarded in the afterlife but the actual reward of Namaz will truly be realized its benefits in the afterlife when Allah Almighty will shower special blessings on that person.

Connection With ALLAH

Muslims men and women who realize that Allah Almighty is their Lord and the Giver of everything in this world,then they try to develop a relation with Him and wish to stay connected with Him as much as possible by them. Because their relation grows strong and  Salah can effectively help in achieving this objective. Therefore, offering prayers is a means of developing a connection with Allah SWT. When a Muslim Offers it five times a day, then the consequent relationship grows naturally and becomes strong.

Protection From evil Shetan

Shetan is an open enemy of believers and every muslim in this world and all what he tries is to make people away from the path of righteousness and go down in the path of oblivion and darkness that what he wants. Shetan tries to tempt a person in all the possible ways that he tries and when a person once listens to him, he starts luring him or her down more into the pit of darkness. Therefore, seeking protection from Shetan is also imperative for a Muslim and Namaz is the right way to seek protection from shetan in this world.

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