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Experience Of Going To by Kabaah

One day, I came back from office and my mom asked me to think about Umrah. She wanted to go with me and I agreed. On the very next day, I applied for the visa. My mom was so happy but I was little bit confused because of my sins. But one fine day, we […]

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Common mistakes during Umrah

For many people Umrah is a lifetime journey and for others it is just another opportunity to spend time in the Holy places of Makkah and Madinah. Many people who are ignorant of the sacredness of these places they take this trip as a holiday and instead of concentrating their worship they are busy in […]

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A Soulful Journey of Umrah

It is a common myth that people who have money can go for Umrah but the fact is only the will of Allah Almighty can allow a person to go for Umrah.  There are many people who are financially strong but still unable to go for Umrah due to their illness or many other reasons […]

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The benefits of Zam-Zam (pure and sacred water)

The Zam-Zam water is a cure for many diseases. The crux of the Hadith says that Zam-Zam is pure water which is a remedy from disease. Likewise, Allah has blessed health to many patients by this water. So, Zam-Zam water acquires a religiously significant place in Islam. Religious significance of Zam-Zam water Prophet (S.A.W.W) mentioned […]

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After leaving the Holy Ka’bah

A person can feel two different sorts of feelings regarding Umrah, first one is the feeling of excitement after getting a good news that he or she got visa for Umrah and Allah Almighty has allowed that person to go for Umrah. Definitely such feeling cannot be explained in words. Mostly people want to get […]

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What to do After Umrah

Once a pilgrim comes back from the Holy journey of Umrah then it is important to remain steadfast on the feelings of love and being rewarded by Allah Almighty. It is crucial to maintain that level of spirituality and to feel those feelings of intimacy with Allah Almighty once you reach home. But there are […]