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Umrah And Corona

It’s a dream of every Muslim to visit Makkah for performing Umrah and Hajj at least once in a whole life. Muslims perform minor pilgrimage which is “Umrah” journey anytime throughout the whole year, and there could be more than 19 million pioneers every year. Whereas “Hajj” is the obligatory pilgrimage which is performed only […]

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Restrictions On Umrah Due To Coronavirus

In the past, we have seen a lot of epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. This outbreak of coronavirus has shocked everyone. It is because this time the world is so developed in terms of science and technology. Whether it is about the latest equipment that is used for treatment or medicines, science has developed so much […]

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4 Ways To Get Your Cheap Airline Ticket Easily

To refresh your mind, arrange a family tour is essential. Frequently, everyone loves to travel but paying for expensive airline tickets may is not the right choice. The travel budget is going to reduce when you are successful to book your cheap airline ticket from your favorite airlines. But the question arises, how someone get […]