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Hajj And Umrah Vaccine Requirements

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health has set up a few terms and condition of vaccination that travellers should meet to get an Entry Visa for performing Umrah. The Government of Saudi Arabia supported certain corona virus immunizations when visiting The Saudi Arabia: two dosages of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, two dosages of the […]

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Umrah And Corona

It’s a dream of every Muslim to visit Makkah for performing Umrah and Hajj at least once in a whole life. Muslims perform minor pilgrimage which is “Umrah” journey anytime throughout the whole year, and there could be more than 19 million pioneers every year. Whereas “Hajj” is the obligatory pilgrimage which is performed only […]

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Limitation To Visit Two Holy Mosques During Corona Pandemic

As indicated by sources in Saudi, given beneath are the current limitations set up for all visitors during corona pandemic who want to visit Masjid Al Haram (Makkah) and Masjid Nabwi (Madina) Limitation On Pilgrims Visiting Masjid Al Haram During Corona Pandemic: Pilgrims won’t be permitted inside Masjid Al Haram for the span of time […]

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What is the Impact of the New Visa Fee for Umrah?

Umrah is the most wonderful activity because it enables you to leave all your hectic schedule as well as your daily routine. Umrah is the path of Allah Almighty and it is the wish of every Muslim to dedicate herself in the path of Allah. While performing Umrah, Muslim expect a lot of the rewards. […]

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Visa Rules For Visiting Saudi

An important declaration has come from Saudi Arabia regarding journey there for entertainment purposes. Last year, the Saudi authorities announced that it would soon provide visas to visit the country. The authorities of Saudi Arabia, as of April 1, 2018, will start issuing visas for the journey to the United States of America. This new […]

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Some Tips To Get Cheap Flight Tickets

All of us face tiresome effort and extensive searching in order to get the cheapest flight to our destination. Prices are not stable and changing on daily basis; several search engines are there providing a unique list of options, therefore, we have to conduct extensive research before making a final decision regarding the reservation of […]

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Eid, Diet and You: How You Manage Your Fitness

Eid is the biggest occasion for Muslims to meet up and celebrate the happiest moments together. However, after Eid-ul-Fitr, the second Eid occasion is coming and that is Eid-ul-Adha. Meanwhile, Eid-ul-Adha is considered as the occasion of sacrifices, like remembering the sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim (R.A). On the Eid day, individuals get together and appreciate […]

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Salah is the major form of worship that every Muslim offers daily five times regularly. It is obligatory upon a Muslim and a Muslimma is to offer no excuse when the time comes to offer or perform Salah. The performing of Salah in addition to representing the submission of every Muslims to their Lord.  It […]

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Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and also it is obligatory for a person who is financially and physically able to perform it at least once in his or her life. Because of its importance as a sacred ritual and the emphasis put by ALLAH Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on its performing, its every Muslim […]