What is the Impact of the New Visa Fee for Umrah?

What is the Impact of the New Visa Fee for Umrah

Umrah is the most wonderful activity because it enables you to leave all your hectic schedule as well as your daily routine. Umrah is the path of Allah Almighty and it is the wish of every Muslim to dedicate herself in the path of Allah. While performing Umrah, Muslim expect a lot of the rewards.

Every year millions of Muslims want to perform Umrah while doing maximum preparations. Umrah is the most spiritual journey, as a result, it is important to leave all things. Umrah removes the sins, therefore it is considered to perform Umrah once in their lifetime.

What is the New Schedule Umrah Fee?

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia provides the visa requirement that is helpful for documents checklist. Now the government of Saudi Arabia imposed an additional fee, who are invited to perform Umrah. Meanwhile, this is not an appreciated step for the Saudi government because it increases the expenses. Muslims throughout the world, are pointed to this announcement because it is not suitable.

Various association and governments are trying to convince the Saudi Arabia government to decrease the Umrah visa fee. So, with less visa fee, it is easy to perform Umrah and through this more people move forward to perform the spiritual duty.

Those who have a tight financial budget:

Many people around the world have a tight financial budget. Thus they face difficulties in the high visa fee. Performing an Umrah trip, it is necessary to arrange enough budget but it is not possible with the high visa fee.

Due to the new implementation of the visa fee, it is quite difficult to perform Umrah for normal people. Therefore, many people are managing to arrange some more funds for visiting Saudi Arabia or perform spiritual duties. The high Umrah fee sign doesn’t seem a good sign. However, the Saudi government must provide facilities so that more and more people perform the Umrah.

The impact of the new visa fee can be predicted easily. Surely, it will be going to reduce because when fewer people perform Umrah then the Saudi government must think about this. If you don’t have any financial resources, they don’t perform Umrah because you can’t bear the high expense.

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