Most Common Mistakes While Completing Tawaf

Most Common Mistakes While Completing Tawaf

Umrah becomes a great obligation nowadays, as a result of Muslims from all cover of the world. Most of us visiting the world of Ihram for the first time that’s why mistakes can happen. The following are some mistakes while completing the seven circumstances toward Khana Kaaba.

Wrongly Doing Tawaf

Some formulate the intention to initiate circumambulation verbally. Now, the Niyyah is in the heart, it must not be declared orally. Some undertake the Tawaaf inside Hijr, which is a huge mistake. The Tawaaf is valid only if it is done around the Kaba. Now, the one who makes the Tawaaf around the Kaba and excludes the Hijr.

Wrong Belief About The Circumstance

Some believe that the Tawaf will be invalid if you do not touch the Black Stone. However, kissing the Black Stone is a supererogatory act and not a condition on which the validity of the Tawaf depends. Those who undertake the circumambulation and only touch the Black Stone at the cost of a violent as well as prejudicial jostling for the others that they are making mistakes. It is preferable that a person does not touch it and does not embrace it only the sign of the hand.

Strive To Touch Four Corner

Some strive to touch the four corners of the Ka’ba. However, according to the Sunnah, it is recommended to touch only the Yemeni corner and the Black Stone and not the other corners of the Kaaba. Well touching the whole Kaaba is essential rather than corners. Some embrace the Yemeni corner or waved from afar towards it. However, the Sunna advises to feel it if possible. Otherwise, you must pass without kissing or waving in his direction.

Removing The Upper Piece Of Ihram

Some pilgrims remove the Ridaa, it’s a piece of white cloth covering the upper part of the body and is satisfied only with the Izaar. However, it is possible that the Izaar descends below the navel, thus revealing intimate parts of the body, which is completely prohibited.

The Intention Of Wrong Believe

Some people believe that it is advisable to touch the Yemeni Corner or the Black Stone for blessing and that it is not a worship act. It causes them to act in a way that contradicts Sharia law, such as rubbing the Black Stone or Yemeni Corner with a handkerchief or with the end of Ihram clothing or sticking the body of their child against the Black Stone to draw blessing. However, touching the Yemeni Corner or the Black Stone is a fact that is justified only by the simple observance of the Sunnah.

Stands In Front Of The Black Stone

Some remain in front of or near the Black Stone for a long time. This prevents other pilgrims from observing this rite. The Sunna recommends touching the Black Stone or simply waving in his direction and leaving without ever staying in this place.

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