Taking Photo Is Prohibited In Mecca Considering As A Big Crime

Taking Photo Is Prohibited In Mecca Considering As A Big Crime

The fashion of taking a selfie in Mecca is rising day by day. In recent years, many pilgrims did not hesitate to take pictures in front of the Kaaba. The selfies and other photos on the Holy Places did not leave the authorities of the country insensitive. It becomes almost a fashion that taking selfies in the Masjid-e-haram and every pilgrim desire to follow this trend.

Due to some reasons, the selfie is now banned by the Saudi Arabia government. The Saudi kingdom issued a decree in which it is prohibited from taking any photo, whatever the type or medium in the space of the holy places. Through this decision, it is explained that the desire to preserve the spiritual and religious significance of the sacred places need respects.

The trend of Taking Selfie Goanna Wrong

It is noticed that pilgrimage is not taking interest in their spiritual act and taking a selfie for sharing in social sites that represent the religious value. The trend is marked in this year and banned strictly by the government.  If some believers claim this practice, then they have to pay a heavy amount.

Indeed, despite the banned notice, some pilgrimage does not hesitate to capture a photograph as well as publishing their pictures on the social networks. The Hajj and Umrah Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia has begun the generalization of this decision calling for broadening awareness and information. In the streets or front of sacred sites of the Muslim religion, young and old have shared their ritual selfie with their friends and followers.

The Trend of the Selfie is Stopped Now

Celebrities also anonymous, while sharing happily the videos and photos of their Hajj or Umrah on social networks. It was too much for Saudi Arabia because many issues are arising day by day. Meanwhile, the announcement was made last year that the Directorate of Hajj Affairs officially banned the practice of selfie in Mecca. So, the question arises, what is the primary goal of this decision? Here are two central evaluations regarding this hidden fact:

  1. To preserve the holy places in a better way so that nobody can disobey the Mecca.
  2. To avoid the inconvenience caused by taking pictures in the enclosure of the sacred Mosque.

The authorities will be able to enforce this measure as far as the confiscation of using a smartphone during Umrah rituals. According to the Saudi media, this decision also stems from the need to react t the inconvenience that caused by taking photos, whether inside or outside the holy places. For a good reason, any violation of this prohibition could be necessary. If the device used only for contact instead of taking snapshots, then it is not prohibited to use your device in Masjid-e-Haram.

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