Best February Umrah Packages

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£700 / 7 Nights

3* February Umrah (7 Nights)

Makkah: Al Eiman Al Sud
Madinah: Al Eiman Al Ohud

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£734 / 7 Nights

4* February Umrah (7 Nights)

Makkah: Dar Al Eiman Ajyad
Madinah: Al Eiman Al Taibah

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£835 / 7 Nights

5* February Umrah (7 nights)

Makkah: Hilton Makkah Convention (B&B)
Madinah: Crown Plaza (B&B)

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£734 / 10 Nights

3* February Umrah (10 nights)

Makkah: Al Eiman AL Sud
Madinah: Al Eiman AL Nour

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£775 / 10 Nights

4* February Umrah (10 nights)

Makkah: Dar Al Eiman Grand
Madinah: Al Eiman Al Manar

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£874 / 14 Nights

3* February Umrah (14 nights)

Makkah: Al Eiman AL Sud (R/O)
Madinah: Al Eiman AL Ohud (R/O)

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£975 / 14 Nights

4* February Umrah (14 nights)

Makkah: Dar Al Eiman Ajyad (B&B)
Madinah: Al Eiman Al Taibah (B&B)

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£1084 / 14 Nights

5* February Umrah (14 nights)

Makkah: Sheraton Makkah (B&B)
Madinah: Elaf Grand Al Majeedi (B&B)

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February Umrah Packages

If you are planning to do Umrah, then you would be finding so many private and public based associations who are involved in offering you with the Umrah packages with the best services in the UK. It is very much necessary that when you are making your way to Makkah and Madina for the first time, then you do expect that you finish off with your journey more relaxed and that too under the access of the best services. In this regard, we are sure that this post will be coming across as a lot informative for you.

List Of Umrah Package From The UK

Package No 1: In this first package you would be getting the validity of the 25 Shaban. It does add up with the 14 nights and 20 nights of the package stay in its custody. In their rooms, you would be given three categories of the quad room as well as triple and double room centers that will cost you with the different price ranges of your own wish. You should always try to choose with the Umrah package in which you do think so that your comfort level and suitable scale is falling into. Do the best research work you can do.

Principal Terms And Conditions Of February Umrah Packages From The UK

• In the UK, all the office centers have one same rule that they would be demanding for the required price as regarding collecting before filing for MOH approval. You will be playing with the remaining amount as your passports will be handed over to you.
• In the Umrah complete package, there will be the charges for the meals along with the laundry and Ziaraat as well.
• You should undergo with the access of the filing of the MOH just as before 20 days of your travel date.
• If you have an infant along with you who has the age of below two years, then they would be charged with the fixed price.
• It is also to be mentioned that the child who is having the age of 5 years and is sharing the bed along with parents will be charged 75% of adult rate. Child availing bed will be going to be accused of the coverage of the full adult rate.
• Moreover, self-hiring of the accommodation along with the visa is not permitted.
• Plus, the arrival and departure of the flights at the place of Madinah airport will make you charge with the desired amount for the taxi.

Main Documents Required For Umrah Visa

Now there are certain documents which you should be having in your hand to get the Umrah visa successfully and that too on the short duration. Scroll down and learn about those main documents list!

• You should be having the passport that should have the validity of about eight months all along with the two blank pages together and also with the original documents.
• You should also be having the four passport size photographs that should be in the light blue background.
• You should also be having the coverage of the FRC / Nikah Naama / relationship affidavit for the lady passenger where the relationship with Mehram is said out to be not determinable through passport name and at last, you should have a vaccination certificate.