ALLAH is only one, He commands and forgives, forbids, creates, gives death, gives life, strips power , gives power and alternates the day and night. ALLAH gives fortunes to people and alternate states and governments, destroy some and bring some into existence. Commands and Powers of ALLAH are dominant in the heavens and zones of heavens, in the earth and every thing on earth, in the air and in the seas. ALLAH counted everything; He hears all kind of voices and supplications (dua). ALLAH hears voice in need, the Unseen things are uncovered and the secrets are secrets no more to Him

ALLAH forgives human evil deeds, take out from the depressions and release person from disasters, give wealth to poor, guidance for those who are misguided, give light for the lost. ALLAH is the strongest of all and only He has power that’s why it is necessary to worship only ALLAH, worship should be done with pure intention to please ALLAH. In Islam the concept of worship encourages people to connect with ALLAH in every action they do and strengthen their bond with ALLAH.

In order to guide people to His worship and to show right and wrong, and to differentiate between evil and good, ALLAH sent prophets as role models and teachers. ALLAH also revealed Holy Book “QURAN” which is full of knowledge and lessons directly from God and it provides way to every problem. Above them all, Quran and prophets teachings teach us how to worship ALLAH and to spend a life that pleases Him.

The guidance of the Holy Quran and the sunnah of Prophet (PBUH), whose teachings have been carefully preserved, form the basis of worshipping in Islam. It should be noted here that while Muslims respect all of the prophets sent by ALLAH, Muslims do not worship any of them, the reason for this is that worshipping any one besides the One ALLAH is strictly prohibited in Islam and there is a punishment of worshipping any other God.

Islam is the culmination of ALLAH’S message since the time of Hazrat Adam (AS). ALLAH sent of Hazrat Noah (AS), Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Hazrat Mosa (AS), and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as His final messenger to guide humankind and revealed the Holy Quran, last scripture of ALLAH on Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Quran, the only divine book that remains intact in its original text and in its original condition. Quran is a testament to the continuity of message of ALLAH from the beginning of human history; it is guiding people from so long to achieve their fundamental goals in their lives. So by holding them a person can spend his spend according to Islam. It is necessary for Muslims to Worship only ALLAH through completing the pillars of ISLAM and doing good deeds because this the way to jannat. is one of the authorized umrah tour operators in UK offers Low Cost Umrah Visa in UK


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