Human are made free to decide between the right and the wrong. A person gets enough understanding to differentiate between correct and incorrect. Besides religion, social gatherings and cultural norms also plays key role in moulding and shaping an individual’s personality. There are many consequences of the negative and positive energy places, like bazaars (markets) and masjids (mosques). The Prophet (PBUH) tells us that the place on the earth that the ALLAH likes the most is the House of ALLAH, i.e. the Kaaba where Muslims offer namaz (Prayer) five times every day to worship ALLAH. Beside this the most despised place in this world near the ALLAH is marketplace where people visit to buy different consumption goods. Now we will explain the better implications of this instruction in detail so as to know about the real worth of these locales in an individual’s life:

Benefits of Going Masjid (Mosque)

Masjid is sacred place in Muslim’s life which is meant for supplicating and adoration to ALLAH. During the early days of spreading of Islam in Mecca, the believers had no liberty to offer namaz openly, thus they were restricted to pray namaz. There was not any concept of masjid (mosque) at that time. At the occasion of Hijrat (Migration) towards Madina, Prophet (PBUH) built the very first masjid in Muslim history that is very well known as Masjid-e-Quba at a place called Quba situated at a small distance from Madina. After entering into the city of Madina Prophet (PBUH) laid a foundation of Masjid-e-Nabawi, where Muslims used to perform namaz daily five times.

The House of ALLAH that is Kaaba holds a huge distinction in all the worships included in our religion Islam. It serves as a platform wherefrom the followers get a chance to meet with ALLAH and supplicate to Him for His Blessings and Mercy; all Muslims have to turn their faces towards Kaaba while performing namaz.

Some great advantages of visiting the Masjid are given below:

Close to ALLAH:

           During salah, and especially in the state of Sajda (Prostration), a believer is very close to the ALLAH.

According to the verse of Quran, 96: 19

“No! Do not obey him. But prostrate and draw near [to ALLAH].”

High Rewards of performing namaz in Congregation

           Masjid is the place where all Muslims pray collectively. The

Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave glad report of great rewards for those who offer Salah in congregation.

Grant of Paradise For those who Visit Mosque to pray namaz:

          Praying in Masjid for performing namaz can help a person from involving in bad acts and a person who perform daily five times prayers will get paradise or jannat.

Disadvantages of visiting bazaars (Markets)

According to the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in which Prophet (PBUH) has regarded markets as the detested location on earth as compared to the masjid. Some of the drawbacks of visiting to shopping places and malls are:

Forgetfulness about ALLAH

When a person is in marketplace or doing shopping, more often it happens that it leads to skipping namaz.

Acting and lying unfairly

          Those people who put up their commodities for sale in markets are highly advised to keep honesty in dealing with their customers. Unfortunately, most of the times it happened that people are cheated, due to such irregularities; markets are considered the worst place on earth and disliked by the ALLAH.

Wastage of Time

           A number of people call it “Hang Out o window shopping” by just walking around in the markets and malls without any purpose. Such acts are completely waste of time. is one of the authorized umrah tour operators in UK offers  Cheap Flights to Jeddah.


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