Performing namaz five times daily are mandatory upon all Muslims. The offering of namaz is a sign that a Muslim remembers ALLAH and worships Him throughout the day in his daily life. The five namaz are to be performed at specific times that are distributed throughout the day starting from sunrise till night, among these namaz, the Fajr prayer is the first.

Fajr is the first namaz of the day, the namaz of Fajr marks the start of the day for good and practicing Muslim and it ensures that the first and primary thing that a Muslim does after waking up is praising worshipping ALLAH Almighty, Holy Quran has also heavily emphasized on establishing Fajr prayer.

In Quran, ALLAH Almighty says, verse 17:78

“So establish the Prayer after the declining of the sun (from its zenith, for Duhr and then Asr) to the dusk of night (Maghrib and then Isha) and the (Quranic) recitation of Fajr (prayer). Indeed, the (Quranic) recitation of Fajr is witnessed.”

From the above mentioned ayah of Quran, it is clear that Fajr is given importance over the other mandatory namaz; moreover, the recitation of Holy Quran is also accompanied with Fajr namaz. Therefore, offering namaz-e-Fajr is more imperative for all Muslim.

The Problem of waking up:

The greatest problem that every Muslim faces across the world pertaining to offering Fajr namaz is the waking up in early morning. People have tiresome routine and abrupt sleeping routines that make it hard for them to wakeup in the morning for offering the namaz on time. The lines below tells the solutions to the problem of waking up for Fajr namaz on two levels, first one is the spiritual preparations for waking up and the other one is the apparent and general preparations that a person can make to ensure waking up at the time of Fajr namaz and offer prayer on time.

(1) Spiritual Preparation:

If a Muslim does not willing to offer Fajr namaz or he or she is not spiritually motivated to offer the namaz, then no matter how much preparations a Muslim makes, he or she can never be able to wakeup on time for offering fajr,  In this regard, following points can help you:

Remember fajr namaz is for ALLAH

       The first spiritual thought that would help in waking up for Fajr on time is the thought that whatever you are doing is just for ALLAH Almighty. The prayers are only for ALLAH Almighty, so when it comes to waking up a person must realize that ALLAH is the only Creator, cant you sacrifice a yor sleep for Him? This will help you in preparing spiritually and mentally for waking up for fajr namaz.


     The second spiritual factor that a Muslim can use for waking up on time of fajr is to pray to ALLAH and ask Him for help and support before going to sleep.

(2) General Preparations:

Set the correct Alarm

     Regarding to set Fajr alarm, the biggest mistake usually people commit is that they set alarm at time where they hardly get enough time left to prepare for the namaz and offer on time, thus, when they get up slow, the result is the time of Fajr namaz pass.

Sleeping On Time

Some people find it hard to wakeup even on the noise of alarm. They turn off the alarm and sleep again. This happens because of bad sleeping habits, where they do not fix time for sleeping. is one of the authorized umrah tour operators in UK offers Cheap Flights to Madinah from UK


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