The Masjid is the center for all Islamic and religious activities. In the mosques, not just prayers took place, but it works as a school of knowledge. Thus we need our masjid not only to be a place of namaz but, a place for seeking and learn Islamic Knowledge for Muslims. Building a masjid is a Prophetic and Islamic tradition of the Muslim Communities. One of the first things that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did when He entered Madina is to build a masjid, the mosque of Quba (Masjid-e-Quba). Subsequently everywhere the Muslim’s have gone, they have built a Masjid for their needs in that community.

Muslims do need masjids for collective prayers. Of course, a Muslim can pray at home where he lives a comfortable Islamic life with himself and his family, but it is prefer to pray in masjid. Though, we should remember that Islam is a religion to be practiced together therefore, all good things if they are performed together has more of a reward than the similar things done alone.

Many Muslims congregate at masjid for prayer whereas others choose to pray at home, work place or wherever they may be. Mosques are especially active on Fridays for the congregational Jummah prayer and during the Holy Month of Ramadan for the nightly prayers.
Mosques are in the centre of all Islamic activities starting from daily prayers and as such they could play very important role in making the prayers of Muslims as ideal as possible so that they worship (ibadah) with pure intentions and confidence of doing the right thing in prayers .

Of course, Muslims can perform namaz in masjid five times daily under the Imam appointed by the Masjid committee as per the time table of mosque. Since the Muslims stand behind the Imam for offering namaz and pray Jamaat. Prayer in mosques consists of verses, expressions and steps of movements and their repetitions to make namaz complete. These verses and expressions all Muslims have to learn by heart.

Prayers in masjid with Jamaat (congregation) are considered the most excellent way of offering prayers. Most Muslims prefer prayers in Jamaat and avoid performing individual prayers because of the fear of using faulty sayings and in wrong ways. Muslims must know that they are bestowed with many favours of ALLAH Almighty for good things they do or intent and they are denied good things if they do wrong things, and they are accountable for their mischief. The mosque played most important role in the spread of education in the Muslim World, and the organization of the mosque with education remained one of its major characteristics all through history. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah 2017 Packages from UK.

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