Hajj is one of the 5 basic pillars of Islam whereas Umrah is usually taken as short type of Hajj. It’s not only a religious responsibility but a complete exercise intended at reinvigorating the spirits of cleanliness and love of ALLAH Almighty. The whole year, we spent our lives in the chase of happiness on this earth, totally ignoring the eternal pleasure and peace inside. Hajj and Umrah brings the pilgrims very near to ALLAH Almighty and refreshes their hearts and souls as if they are born today.

Though, not every one of us is able to achieve the similar experience, peace and joy, during this exercise. The reasons are various, which can be from individual to social and to psychological. Though, a slight concern can provide sufficient support, to do away with those kinds of distractions. In the following, we are sharing some decent and straight suggestions that will enable you to take pleasure in the experience of Umrah and Hajj and obtain the most out of your pilgrimage.

Follow Unity:

Realize and keep in mind that separation is the ego’s means of maintaining a separate and self-governing existence from ALLAH Almighty. It is duty of us, to love humankind, regardless of the exterior differences of creed and culture. This requires a straightforward rectification of mindset and a sense of humility and humbleness. When you depart on the sacred journey to city Makkah, all of passengers or pilgrims are guests of ALLAH Almighty and all have a similar status. Things like pride may deprive you from actual fruits of Hajj and Umrah exercise; therefore, follow unity and show brotherhood.

Keep the accurate Focus:

Everything, other than ALLAH Almighty, is set to die. Keep your accurate focus on eternity and omnipresence of ALLAH Almighty. This will help you to forget and avoid dunya that constantly seeks to distract us and lead us into the way of heedlessness, forgetfulness and loss of core reason. The 5 time namaz exercise is also meant to repeat our focus and correct the direction of life. Hence, your pursuit must be divine delight and firm connection with ALLAH Almighty, whether you are performing Umrah or Hajj.

Find out the Divine Presence:

Hajj and Umrah exercises are aimed at bringing you nearer to ALLAH Almighty. Forget everything else, forgive other people for what they did to you, and just pray for the whole Ummah. Once this spirit of purity and cleanliness prevails and selfishness goes far away, you will feel the actual peace within. May ALLAH Almighty Shower His innumerable Blessings upon you, me, and the whole Ummah. Ameen

Do not Hesitate to Ask:

Many brothers and sisters feel shy in asking questions. If you are there in Makkah or Madina and feel a bit of puzzlement, it is your responsibility to ask your group leader or any other brother or sister to assist you. These confusions can spoil the peace, happiness of pilgrimage, and this end up with frustration. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Easter Umrah Packages 2017 from UK.

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