Importance Of Reciting Talbiyah In Islam


The Talbiyah

“Here I am, O Lord, here I am….

It is preferred to recite the Talbiyah frequently, throughout the sacred trip. As one gets in the Ihraam, after making the Sunnat-ul-Ihraam, the Nawafil, and the intention (niyyat) or Niyat-ul-Umrah, Muslims must start reciting the holy verses of Talbiyah. As you Pilgrim reach city Makkah, they must enter the city very respectfully and with great fondness still reciting the Talbiyah. Proceeding towards the Haram Shareef to perform Umrah and keep reciting the Talbiyah.

The Talbiyah is essentially a formal proclamation that the Muslim are gathered in the House of ALLAH Almighty, to please ALLAH Almighty, and to seek for the bounties and forgiveness of ALLAH Almighty. Every capable Muslim is liable to perform Hajj at least once in his lifetime. It is the 5th basic pillar of Islam. Though Hajj is obligatory, but only to those people who have the financial and physical ability to perform this. Whereas, Umrah is a Sunnat-e Muwaqada. It’s neither an obligation nor compulsion, but it is highly preferred practice of Prophet (PBUH). Muslims, despite of the colour, race and creed, residing any region of the World have a deep wish to visit the House of ALLAH Almighty. So those who are able and cannot reach the Haram shareef in the specified period of Hajj, they try to reach with the intention (niyyat) of Umrah. There are many travel agencies who are serving Muslim Ummat for fulfilling the Umrah in December, and are arranging the complete tour by offering them the cheapest Umrah packages 2017. By taking these Umrah December packages 2017, Muslims residing any corner of the world can easily and conveniently perform their rituals of Umrah.

In any case, as the journey is held in high respects amongst the Islamic culture, many individuals attempt their fortunes every year except several stay unsuccessful. Now many of the travel agencies are making arrangements for the pilgrims, who have sacred intention (niyyat) of performing the Hajj and the Umrah, in the holy land of Saudi Arabia. By accepting any of the deals offered by these travel agencies in terms of Hajj packages and the cheap December Umrah Packages 2017 London services, one may conveniently undertake the virtuous obligation of Hajj and the Umrah as well.

After preparing oneself internally and financially and for one of the most important events in the life of a Muslim, the pilgrim must plan and make actual logistic decisions regarding his or her blessed journey. While a person can always make the sacred journey by himself or with a small group of individuals near to him, in this modern day this is not always the best choice. It is not uncommon for hotels to be fully booked for at least one year in advance.


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