Etiquette of Minor Pilgrimage



When a Muslim decides to visit the most sacred city Makkah for performing minor pilgrimage then he or she has to follow manners and etiquette of that place. Following we are discussing some of the important etiquettes.

* When a Muslim is all set to undertake the sacred travel to Makkah, it is then highly recommended and suggested for a Muslim to learn some authentic knowledge and proper information regarding performance of minor pilgrimage. Consult to authentic religious scholars who got proper religious information and knowledge, who knows every inch of this sacred journey, this is the way that will guide you best. Make sure that the person whom you are consulting must be aware of the information regarding sacred journey, must be sincere and knowledgeable enough in giving advice.

* If a person has decided to visit Makkah for the performance of Umrah, his behaviour and attitude must be repenting, he should ask forgiveness for all of his sins that he committed in past and all the disliked words, deeds or actions that he had done unknowingly, he should perform more and more acts of worship and ask forgiveness for whatever he did wrong in past. Before starting the sacred journey to Makkah he should have to pay off all debts which he owes; he should have to return everything which is entrusted to him and before leaving he should ask forgiveness to every single person with whom has link friendship or relatives, whom he hurt or misbehaved. Muslims who are going to Umrah should write his will in front of witness.

* Before one leave their homes for sacred journey, try to make his parents and close one’s happy and agree with him, he should have to be thankful to his family.

* Those Muslims who are willing to perform minor pilgrimage make sure that money you are using must be earned in halal ways. Your financial means must be halal and must be free from all kind of illegal and haram earning. If he or she neglects this condition and moves against this and leaves for sacred journey with money earned through negative and wrong way, then he is a big sinner and his sacred journey of minor pilgrimage may not be accepted.

* It is suggested for pilgrims to bring great amount of money with them, so that he or she can charity or dum etc or sharing some amount with those people there who are in need. Make sure that your provisions must be good, lawful and earned in halal way.

Try to fulfil all the conditions and laws linked with the sacred journey because Government of Saudi Arabia is very strict in their rules and regulations. is an authorized Hajj & Umrah travel agent is UK and offers a wide range of Hajj & Umrah Packages from London, UK.

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