Have You Understood Properly About The Scared Building That Is “Kaaba”?


Millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia every year to see the beautiful building name as Kaaba. Every day, millions of believers pray five times a day in the direction of this shrine. However, most of us can’t understand the primary meaning of Kaaba. Many people mistakenly include the Kaaba as a mosque range. Kaaba is a kind of cubic structure of black granite, located in the heart of the Masjid al-Haram mosque. The esteemed city of Mecca is considering as sacred land.

Kaaba was built by Ibrahim (AS) before the great flood. However, the Kaaba restored after some natural disasters; it received a new look like it was supplemented with luxurious details and even expanded. The last restoration was held in 1996. Meanwhile, the Muslims replaced some stones, reinforced the marble base and repaired the top of the Kaaba.

Interesting Facts About The Kaaba

  1. The height of the Kaaba is 13.1 meters.
  2. Few people know that before the restoration there were two doors in this building (to enter and exit) and even one window.
  3. Kaaba is covered with black Kiswah silk veil with embroidered on it golden quotations from the Koran.
  4. In ancient times, the walls of the Kaaba have different bright colors such as white, red, green.
  5. The keys to the Kaaba are handed down from generation to generation by the same tribe of Mecca. Therefore, to get inside, you must receive the blessing of the Quraish tribe.
  6. Previously, the Kaaba was open in several days in a week, and every Muslim could come inside. Now the doors open twice a year only for essential and honored guests. Therefore, it is impossible to get inside even during the Hajj time.
  7. The mosque is located in the lower part of the valley. The Kaaba was partially submerged in water.
  8. Inside the Kaaba, you can perform prayer in any direction.

Kaaba is not just a cubic construction. It is a symbol of the spiritual unity for all the Muslim community. Every year, millions and trillions of people visited Saudi Arabia for completing the seven circumstances around Kaaba.

What Is The Concept Of Black Stone?

The main feature of the Kaaba is the eastern corner, in which an unusual black stone is embedded. According to legend, when Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) erected a temple, the angel Jabrail came down to him and thus he gave a flat stone that had levitating properties.

During the Hajj in Mecca, believers can personally see this extraordinary object because it has already lost its levitating ability. At the moment, the stone color comes in silver edging.

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