Rites And Rituals Of Umrah


The rites and rituals of Umrah and Hajj are both important to do in the methodical way and sequence must not be forgotten. Just for completing this observance in the best and the most acceptable way, you have to follow every step as told by Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). This is really very important to learn the whole procedure thoroughly and the way it is told. This will stop you doing the mistakes that you are likely to do if you do not have the complete knowledge of how to perform it. This article can be a good but short guide for you to do it in the best way.


At the start of Umrah, you make an intention which is the very first step of performing Umrah. Ihram is the name of cloth which consists of two pieces and is worn by men. The casual dress that the women wear is considered to be the ‘Ihram’ for them. The two-piece clothing for men consists of an upper and lower part called ‘Rida’ and ‘Izaar’ respectively. Women need to cover head but not face and men need to wear them in a specified way. You need to be in the purified and clean state. The place where the ‘Ihram’ is worn is called ‘Meeqat’.


It is the next step and in this part, you complete the circulations around ‘Kaaba’ and they need to be completed seven times. This needs to be kept in mind that you have to make the circulation for seven times. You need to recite the relevant Duas as well. Moreover, you have to kiss the black stone called ‘Hajr-e-Aswad’. If it is not reachable then you can just raise your palm in its direction and kiss the hand and the rite will be acceptable. It is important to be in the state of ‘Wudhu’. This step will be considered completed after that.


The step next to ‘Tawaaf’ is ‘Sayee’. You have to complete seven circuits which must start from ‘Safa’ and ends at ‘Marwa’. This way it will be considered one circuit. Men run for completion of the circuit. Women walk normally for completion of this rite. To remain in the state of ablution is very important in this step as well. The state of ablution or, the other way round cleanliness is liked by Allah.


This is the last step of Umrah. In this ritual, you need to trim or shave the hair. ‘Halaq’ and ‘Qasar’ are the names of the rites that are named differently for men and women. The shaving of men’s head hairs is called ‘Halaq’ while the trimming of women’s hairs is called ‘Qasar’. They need to be trimmed only and not shaved off completely. When this step is completed your Umrah In Ramadan is completed by the grace of Allah. Now you can take off ‘Ihram’ and put on regular clothes. After that, you have to thank Allah for making you able to complete the whole observance.

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