Prepare Yourself For The Month Of Ramadan


Ramadan is the most blessed month for every Muslim, in this, prayer is hundred times doubles as compared to another month. Fasting in Ramadan is required to comply with every Muslim adult. During fasting, everyone should adhere to the established rules such as

  1. Pray a lot and confirm daily their intention to participate in this holiday in the name of Allah.
  2. Muslims during the month of Ramadan refuse not only to eat, but also to drink, smoke, and intimacy.
  3. Avoid to wasting your time, and spend time as much as you can in worship.
  4. It purifies the soul and body, to rethink life in general. Therefore, the fulfillment of the religious duty of Allah will not count without daily prayers (prayers).
  5. Refrain from this strict fasting from evil thoughts and intentions, perform prayers more often, avoid unrealistic acts.

Ramadan Important Facts That Seem To Be Considerable:

In Ramadan, fasting is important for all Muslim, it is the only month in which Allah ordered to all Muslims that do fasting. Whereas Old men, sick people, travelers, pregnant and lactating women, as well as children are exempted from fasting on holy Ramadan. Fasting is violated in the holy month of Ramadan and requires atonement (kaffara) if any mishap happens during this month. Here are some actions that are forbidden during fasting:

  1. Deliberate eating food,
  2. Different fluids,
  3. Medicine
  4. Smoking
  5. Marital intimacy.

The following circumstances which violate the post require compensation:

  • Use of an enema;
  • Ingestion of drugs into the body through the nose and ears;
  • Water entering the nasopharynx during ablution;
  • Intentional vomiting;
  • The onset of menstruation or the postpartum period.

Night Of Predestination

The last ten days of Ramadan are particularly important for every Muslim since, in the last days, the most important night of the year is included for every Muslim that is Layla al-Qadr. The night of predestination falls on 21, 23, 27 0r 29 of Ramadan.

According to the testimony, it was the time, when prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelations from the angle Jebrail (R.A). Although some sources indicate that the Night of Predestination falls on the 27th of Ramadan

In the Quran, related to the Night of Predestination, it is mention that “it’s a night which is better than a thousand months of nights”.

Therefore, Muslims try to pray in the holy month of Ramadan according to Allah Almighty. It is believed that for the good deeds accomplished during Ramadan, Allah rewards the believers a hundredfold, so a person gets wealth, health and good luck.

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