What to Pack for Umrah

What to Pack for Umrah

Umrah is a pilgrimage in Islam which is not obligatory but it is highly recommended in Islam. Umrah is a sacred to Holy city Makkah and it is a hearty desire of every Muslim to visit Makkah for performing the rites and rituals of Umrah at least once in his or her life span. Umrah is recommended to perform by every financial and physical able Muslim Men and women, because Umrah requires lots of physical effort and money.

Muslims who are travelling first time to Makkah for the performance of Umrah, they are usually unaware about the list of things that they need to carry. To help pilgrims for packing up their bags for pilgrimage, we have listed a simple checklist for all those Muslims who are going Makkah to perform Umrah very first time. We hope that this checklist will be very useful for pilgrims for those who are going to perform minor pilgrimage first time and for those who have already performed this before. Our intention to make you aware about the necessary thing is that you will not trap in any kind of trouble there. If you are travelling with your family members then you need to carry more items because you might be in condition to share. Pack your luggage in a precise manner which gives a smooth and comfortable travel to Makkah.

 What to Pack for Umrah?

As clearly mention in Islam that Cleanliness or hygiene is half of faith. For this reason keep your shampoo, soap, lotion etc with you self, although these are the things that hotels will provide you while your stay there but to for any circumstance, you must have backup there and remember that all things that you carry or use there must be fragrance free.

* For cleaning your teeth, bring tooth brush and tooth paste, but using miswak is highly recommended.

* Bring comb and hairbrush with you.

* Have a wallet and clutch to keep money, try to take a belt bags in which you can easily carry your important documents mobile and money etc.

* Men’s should pack shalwar, shirts, pants, sleepers and extra Ihram for your sacred Umrah trip. For women shalwar, kameez, Abaya, scarfs, sleepers will be sufficient.

* Pack travelling prayers mat with you.

* Buy authentic Umrah guide book, this will help you while performing your pilgrimage. Try to buy a book which in written in easy language or you can download an app of Umrah guide that you can understand.

*Pack your mobile charger or charger of any other gadget you are packing, try to pack extra charger.

* Pack all your important medicines with you for fever, allergy, cold, sore throat, pain, headache, etc.

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable and Cheap Umrah Packages. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.

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