Impact of Umrah in Social Life

Impact of Umrah in Social Life

Umrah is basically an Islamic holy activity of individual and independent nature. Every Muslim can perform Umrah all alone without taking someone else with him or her. All those who can afford to visit Makkah can easily perform Umrah without depending on other people to accompany them. But this doesn’t mean at all that Umrah has no social impact at all. There are positive social effects of Umrah as well and becoming aware of the various social benefits which can be obtained by performing an Umrah can help you in maximizing the benefits you are getting as a result of doing an Umrah.

Unity among Muslims

Umrah can help in increasing the brotherhood and unity among Muslims. Every day, Muslims from all parts of the world perform Umrah together. They are wearing almost the same dress and they are doing almost similar acts. This can make them think that they all believe in one God, they all are followers of the same Prophet (S.A.W) and they are here to do the same thing i.e. perform an Umrah. Muslims from various parts of the world stay together for a few hours while performing an Umrah and they get a chance to meet each other or at least, see each other. Being together is a very good thing and it can help a lot in bringing the hearts closer and strengthening the bond of brotherhood, friendship, respect, and love.

Enhanced Power and Influence

Gathering together in order to perform an Umrah gives the message to the whole world that Muslims have things in common and they have a certain level of unity, brotherhood, and care for each other. They always try to help each other as much as they can and they have the feelings of sympathy, friendship, and support for each other. Due to all this, the overall strength and influence of Muslims increases and they get more respect in the world which they may not be able to enjoy if no Hajj or Umrah are there. Performing Umrah or Hajj together reminds the Muslims that they are brothers and they need to live like true brothers. Simply stated, the act of performing Hajj or Umrah together doesn’t let the Muslims forget their lesson of brotherhood and unity. These lessons are automatically reminded as a result of performing the Hajj or Umrah and it helps in binding the whole Muslim ummah together.

Better Impression of Muslim Community

Hajj or Umrah helps a lot in improving the overall impression of the Muslim community. Round the clock, Muslims are performing an Umrah together. They are from different countries, the majority of the people performing Hajj or Umrah don’t know each other. But still, they remain highly disciplined and peaceful. They don’t fight with each other and also, they don’t create any problems or hurdles for their Muslim brothers. This gives a very good impression about Muslims to the whole world and it confirms that Muslims are highly well disciplined, tolerant, caring and peaceful people.

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