In Arabic language the word Umrah is derived from Itimaar which means a visit while Umrah in Islamic terminology, which means paying a visit to Kabah and performing Tawaaf around it and walking between Safa and Marwa seven times that complete Umrah. A performer of Umrah puts off his/her Ihram by having his hair shaved or cut which is mandatory for male. Umrah can be performed along with Hajj and in other days as well whenever a performer wants.

Umrah can be performed during anytime in the year as upon your own wish and there is no fixed time for performing Umrah.

There are four Pillars of Umrah,

  1. Ihram which is assumed at the iqat.
  2. Tawaaf which is around the House.
  3. Saiy which is walking between Safa and Marwa and consists of seven circuits.
  4. Tahal lul that means coming out of the state of Ihram and becoming lawful what was previously prohibited during Ihram.

During Umrah the pilgrims do not go to Mina, Arafat and Muzdalfa or throwing pebbles on the Jamras, the stone pillars representingdevils and offer animals sacrificing. These acts are only performed during Hajj days.

When the one who wants to perform Umrah, he has to arrive at the Miqaat and it is recommended for both of men and women to take a bath if convenient otherwise not. The man which perfumes his head and beard but not his Ihram. There is no mandatory if it is not possible to take a bath at Miqaat.

Men have to change their clothing of Ihram while the women only need to make their intention at that time in the clothing they are already wearing. There is no specific clothing designated for women but except that they are prohibited from wearing the Naqab and gloves.    Women may cover their hands by the lower part of their head covering while using the upper part of their outer garment and a separate piece of fabric to cover their faces which usually women do by drawing it. And for men they must wear their Ihram at the Meqaat by wearing two pieces of fabric called the Izar and the Rida. The Rida covers the top half of the body and while the Izar covers the lower half for men. No other clothing is allowed to be worn in addition to Ihram like no underwear and no pants shirt etc.

While the pilgrim makes the intention at the Miqaat to begin the rites and acts of Umrah by entering in the state of Ihram which is mandatrory. The intention must be made in the heart for both male and female.

At arriving the sacred mosque in Makkah that is Masjid Al Haram then you should enter with your right foot first. You should enter in a manner expressing humility and gratitude to the blessings ALLAH SWT conferred upon you.

A pilgrim must walk and keeping the Kabah on his left and when you reach the Yamni corner then touch it with your right hand.

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