The Weather Of Makkah In November


People who are making a plan to go to Makkah for performing Umrah this November are doing themselves a favor. It may sound weird that you can do yourself a favor but it is true when it comes to performing Umrah. It does not mean that anyone who gets an opportunity of performing it in any other month should miss it. This religious dream must be followed in any case and you must not stop yourself but if you have a choice to decide the month then you need to go for November. This has a very good reason behind that. Let’s check out this in our article that what type of weather is there in Makkah in November.

 Precipitation During November

Precipitation is constant in Makkah during November. The percentage of precipitation remains constant by the value of 2 throughout this month. So overall, the possibility of wet days remains within this limit. The rainfall pattern can fluctuate but as a general perception, it remains constant. It can be 0.2 inches throughout November in Makkah. This precipitation pattern makes it able to enjoy the weather and also it does not make it unsafe as it can be expected from a lot of other regions. In case it fluctuates, you still not have to worry about it at all as the torrential rain is not usually expected during this month.

Humidity During November

Humidity depends on dew points. Lower dew points may make you feel a drier atmosphere whereas higher dew points will make the atmosphere more humid. The level of humidity makes the atmosphere either comfortable or uncomfortable. If the day is muggy then definitely the night is going to be muggy. A certain percentage of dew points will make the atmosphere comfortable, humid, dry, or muggy which also has constant chances throughout this month.

Safe To Travel Because Of Pleasurable Weather

As for Makkah, the best time is the winter season to travel. Among the months that come in the winter season, November is considered to be more pleasurable. It is because the weather is not too harsh in this period. If we look at the precipitation, cloud cover and sunny days, November has a constant pattern which is a good thing. The travelers can go anywhere because the major factor that can hinder your way is the weather which is not at all a problem in November. Keeping all the factors in view, November can now be selected as the best time to travel to Makkah.

Good News For Pilgrims

The people who become pilgrims when they perform Hajj or Umrah are the luckiest ones. If they have planned Umrah for November then they must know that it is going to be all great in this season. The pleasure that one gets in such an Ibadah is undoubtedly amazing but the traveling will be enjoyable all the way if you book your flights in November. It has to do with the weather of Makkah city in November.

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