Fundamental Tip For Women Who Desire To Complete Their Umrah Ritual


We have seen previously that Umrah is characterized by the intention of sacralization that is Tawaf and say’e ritual. The intention of sacralization is characterized by the great ablutions, such as the cutting of the nails, armpits and pubis and men putting ihram dress. For the woman, there is no specific dress but she can wear abaya.

A Muslim woman cannot travel alone to the holy places of Islam. The Muslim woman who chooses to perform Hajj and Umrah must have a mahram. If it is your first Umrah then, here are some fundamental tip for women that need to focus:

  1. It’s a recommendation to bring cotton clothes because with the high temperatures you need frequent relaxation and the cotton materials are breathable materials that absorb perspiration.
  2. Bring necessary items to wash your laundry as you go so as not to stacks of dirty clothes and also bring hangers for drying and drying clothes.
  3. Prefer strong luggage for carrying things that you will bring back to your family and friends. A small pouch always keeps your papers, phone, and money that is close to you.
  4. A toilet bag containing the minimum necessary items of the toilet, avoid all that is perfume and prefer shower gels and shampoo without fragrance.
  5. Do not take your whole house with you, bring with you only the necessary elements that seem indispensable to you. If you miss something you can easily buy it on-site, there are many shops nearby. Keep in mind, the most important essential that needs to take is your smartphone and join a WhatsApp group in case you get lost at the exit of the mosque.
  6. Remember to bring the necessary medicine if you have a chronic disease but also painkillers and vitamins.
  7. At the religious supports, bring your Quran, a portable praying mat, the citadel of the Muslim invocations, as well as a book on the Islamic rites of Umrah and Hajj.
  8. Do not waste your time in shopping idioms, heated discussions, and useless chatter. Privilege to use it for useful purposes such as prayer, invocations.
  9. Eat light because you will constantly feel like frolic and better you will follow the rites. Generally, the hotels are half-board and offer breakfast and dinner with an all-you-can-eat buffet. At noon, as you will generally eat well, you will not be so hungry and if you perform Umrah during Ramadan, this problem will not arise at all. Nourish your soul with a strong spirituality and not your belly. It’s about getting the most out of this trip.

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