Some Important Guideline for Going to Mecca

Some Important Guideline for Going to Mecca

Those who love to travel must visit the Holy world that is Mecca. Traveling light is so essential aspects for everyone. Mostly, Umrah and Hajj pilgrims are fly to Jeddah and after that, they travel by bus. When you reach to Mecca you are capable of performing the rituals obligations. Meanwhile, Umrah obligations are considered the extraordinary pilgrimage that is performed anytime, on the other hand, Hajj is once in a lifetime opportunity, which cannot be neglect if you are physically and financially strong. It depends on you what packages you are choosing because you can get 10 days, to one month package for visiting the spiritual world.

Being Pure Is Compulsory:

When you enter in the pilgrimage rituals, it is compulsory to wear Ihram that shows purity and special state of ritual effect. It is important for every Muslim to follow the rule and wear Ihram (a special dress that is specifically made for performing ritual duties). The person who is going in the ritual state are strictly obligated from the following:

  • Don’t engage in the physical relationship
  • Cut or shave their nails
  • Avoid using scented oil or colognes
  • Don’t use any fragrance
  • Avoid hunt or killing anything
  • Don’t Argue or fight with any person
  • Men are avoiding for wearing the tight and stretched clothes
  • It is prohibited from using scented soap

How Is Umrah Different From Hajj?

Hajj is more than harder than Umrah because of its toughest job like performing duties visited spiritual places and throwing stones. Before going to Khana Kaba, first, take bath so that you are pure and can Tawaf instantly. Here is some sort of difference between two spiritual obligations:

  • In Hajj doing Qurbani is necessary, but in Umrah, there is no concept of Qurbani
  • Only in Hajj duties, a person has to Mina, Safa, and Marwa or Arafat only.
  • In Hajj throwing stones to Sheitan hills is compulsory but in Umrah, there is no compensation
  • At the end of Hajj Muslim celebrate Eid-ul-Azha

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