Hence indulging in veneration of ALLAH Almighty for every part of awe and greatness one sees in this globe is also a means of worshiping ALLAH Almighty and by doing so a person could develop a stronger and powerful relationship with ALLAH Almighty and grow nearer to Him.

Other than that, all the guidelines and the instruction that ALLAH Almighty has mentioned in Holy Quran, all are there for humans and Muslims to follow in their lifetime. The improved and better they are capable to perform in accordance with those guidelines and instructions, the more they will be able to grow nearer to ALLAH Almighty. In this concern, in addition to performing prayer, a Muslim should also keep fast (roza) to purify and clean the soul, give charity (zakaat) to cleanse the wealth and perform pilgrimage Hajj as a means of growing near to ALLAH Almighty.

In addition to doing what ALLAH Almighty has commanded a Muslim to do, a Muslim also has to abstain from the things which ALLAH Almighty has prohibited (haraam). The things that are prohibited in Islam do nothing other than taking a person away from righteous way of Truth and ALLAH Almighty, which means that the person is moving away from the lesson of Truth. ALLAH Almighty says in Holy Quran:

Verse 5:91 of Holy Quran

“Satan’s plan is to incite enmity and hatred among you with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of ALLAH and regular prayer. Will you not then abstain?”

From the above mentioned ayah it is clear that when humans will indulge or involve in hatred of each other then they will without doubt select hating others as a reason of their life which will turn them from the real purpose and that is the remembrance of ALLAH Almighty. Hence, in order to fulfil the purpose of knowing the ALLAH Almighty, a Muslim needs to abstain from evil (shetan) in the similar extent to which he or she is inclined towards the doing well.

The real purpose (ALLAH Almighty knows best) of the existence of humans is to know and worship ALLAH Almighty. Holy Quran in this concern is one of the most excellent ways of knowing the ways in which a person can fulfil this reason and give meaning to his or her life.

It is, hence, a physical type of worship in which the pilgrim gives of himself physically and goes through the hardships in the way of ALLAH Almighty, Showing his or her complete servitude to ALLAH Almighty. This neat target of performing Hajj is the objective of any worship in Islam as a entire and it has to be for the sake of ALLAH Almighty.

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