Experience Of Visiting The House Of Allah (SWT)

Experience Of Visiting The House Of Allah (SWT)

People go the house of Allah because they love the sacred places and want to visit these places as much as they can. I don’t know that experience of Umrah can be same for every Muslim or can vary from person to person. But I think that it depends on the way of your thinking and the way you realize the things. I was trying from five years to visit the house of Allah but there were always some reasons due to which I couldn’t go. I always used to think that I am not able to go to the house of Allah because my every try was going vain.

I was losing my hope for visiting the house of Allah and was giving credit to my sins. But Allah blessed me to visit His house and it was the most beautiful moment of my life. As I stepped in, my believe was getting stronger. I realized that we shouldn’t lose hope in our life because we don’t know that what is good for us and which time is suitable for us.

Kab’ah is beautiful because Allah (SWT) made it special for all Muslims. I was in Ihram and being in Ihram was my biggest dream which came into reality and I was unable to control my happiness. I reached there at night and it was a beautiful view which caught my whole attention and I wanted to watch that amazing scene without blinking my eyes for a single second. I don’t know that how people explain their views and experience about this journey because I am feeling very difficult to find the words for this journey. Though it’s difficult to find the words but still I want to share my experience. I did Umrah and then did rest for few hours because rest was much needed.

I went there with a group and the group members were so determined about this journey. They all were nice persons because we all were treating each other with love and good manners. I met many Muslims from different countries and it was a wonderful experience because all Muslims were trying to do their best. Days and nights in the house of Allah are totally different from our normal routine because whenever I visited the house of Allah, I found that people are reciting Quran and offering prayers.

It was a scene that can give courage to anyone. Everybody was so fresh there and I saw many people which were distributing eatables to pilgrims. When I visited the sacred places, I was feeling lucky that Allah gave me this beautiful opportunity. Now I am back and sharing my experience with all of you but I know that your experience will also be amazing. Way of feeling and realizing the things can vary but going to the house of Allah is a great blessing for every pilgrim and we should make our best efforts to choose the right path.

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