Islam is an Arabic term and it connotes surrender, submission, and obedience. As a religion of peace, Islam stands for complete obedience and submission to ALLAH
Islam, actually, is an attributive title. Any person who possesses this attribute, whatever community, race, group country he or she belongs to, is a Muslim. According to the Holy Quran (the sacred Book of the Muslims), among every people and in every ages there have been righteous and good people who possessed this attribute and usually all of them were and are Muslims.

Islam is eternal and universal religion. Its appeal is to the entire humanity. Any person who declares his belief in Shahadah (there is no God but ALLAH, and
Prophet (PBUH) Muhammad is His Prophet).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has enjoined us to believe in five basic articles of faith:
1. Belief in ALLAH Who has completely no associate with Him in His divinity;
2. Belief in ALLAH’S Angels;
3. Belief in Books of ALLAH, and in the Holy Quran as His Last Book;
4. Belief in Prophets of ALLAH, and in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as His Final and Last Messenger; and
5. Belief in eternal life that is life after death.
A person who believes in these five articles enters the fold of Islam and becomes a member of the Muslim society. But a person does not become a complete Muslim by simple alone vocal profession. To become absolute Muslim a person has to fully carry out in practices that ordered by ALLAH.

These above five articles are important for the superstructure of Islam. Their general idea is contained in very short sentence that is known as Kalimah-Tayyibah. When a person declares La ilaha illallah (their is no deity but ALLAH), he or she give up all false deities, and admit that we are a creature of the One ALLAH; and when a person add to these words Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Messenger of ALLAH) he or she confirm and admit the Prophet hood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

With the admission of His Prophet hood it becomes compulsory that a person should believe in the heavenly nature and attributes of ALLAH, in His angels, in His Revealed Books and also in life after death, and earnestly follow that manner of obeying ALLAH and worshipping ALLAH which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has asked us to follow.

Now let us discuss what code of conduct Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught as ordained by ALLAH Almighty. The primary and foremost things in this respect are the Ibadah (or worship), the most important duties which should be focused and observed by each and every person admits to belong to the Muslim community. Ibadah is an Arabic term derived and it means submission. The concept of worship or Ibadah is very wide. All activities are Ibadah if they are in accordance with the law and commands of ALLAH and being a Muslim our ultimate objective is to seek the pleasure of ALLAH. is one of the authorized umrah tour operators in UK offers cheap Umrah Visa from UK

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