The Best Performing Of Umrah With Children

Umrah is the most relished wish and dream of every Muslim. Therefore, they want to have a perfect and spiritual trip with their family. In this manner, they get more satisfaction and spiritual gratification. But sometimes going on this spiritual journey with children may be difficult for women. Women feel themselves in a difficult condition and they cannot pay proper attention to their prayer. Thus, parents remain skeptical about taking their children with them. But it’s a sure fact that if you take care of certain things, Umrah will never a daunting task for you anymore. Here are some crucial guidelines for parents who plan to go for Umrah with their children.

Umrah With Children

Make Proper Attention To Packing Umrah Baggage

The pilgrims must start their preparation as soon as they make the Niyyah of Umrah. Therefore, they need to take much care of every little detail for making this peaceful journey. Hence, you must try to make proper and manageable packing that helps you to have a smooth Umrah journey. Hence, you must remember these points:

  • Keep a complete set of Ihram and comfortable footwear
  • For girls, must keep handy scarves and Abayas that help them to cover their body or head without any hassle.
  • Give a small bag to every kid for keeping their small goods in a manageable manner.
  • For boys, you must keep caps that help them safe from the glare of the sun. Similarly, you must take the medication for yourself and children.

Make Yourself An Enthusiastic Teacher

No doubt, Umrah bring multiple benefits. It does not only provide a chance to visit a foreign land with your children. But it’s a great opportunity to make their root strong with their foundation. However, it offers them to build a strong faith and personal relationship with Allah (SWT). Therefore, it is vital to make them known what the purpose of this spiritual trip is. As parents, you must teach them how this journey is much bigger than the usual visit to the Masjid. Therefore, it is a good idea to make them educate your children about certain prayers as per their age.

Consider About Proper Vaccination

Meningitis Vaccination is very crucial for children. Moreover, children between the age group of 2-15 years, it must for them to have polio and meningitis vaccinations. However, you need to take these vaccinations before a few weeks or a month. It may also help to avoid fever during Umrah. In this manner, your children may keep their prayers perfectly throughout the Umrah trip.

 Prepare Them Mentally To Show Their Patience

In Masjid-al-Haram, you may get a more crowd, especially during peak seasons. It is the most crowded place, and then makes your child’s mind to keep their patience level high. It is wise to encourage them to act cooperatively and positively towards every person. Ask them to remain calm and share their food and good thoughts with others. However, make their mind to help elders and try to avoid pushing people angrily. The mother can counsel them to hold on their patients at every step of Umrah. Likewise, you may keep them busy with prayers and recite supplications.

Final Words

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