Restrictions Of Ihram


As, being Muslims, our worship is totally for Allah (SAW) we just need to be careful about the confines that Allah (SAW) has made. At times, we just need to be careful about them when doing a certain activity like any observance. This is the best way to carry out these holy tasks fully and this is the only way to please Allah (SAW). Allah (SAW) is much pleased when we stop ourselves from doing what has forbidden by him and do what is permissible. As in Hajj and Umrah, there are certain things that you need to be careful about you have to be very careful about the specific time period when you are in the state of wearing Ihram. Ihram is the two-piece clothing for men during Umrah and Hajj while is the ordinary dress for women. There are certain things which are prohibited in this state.

Cutting Of Nails Or Hairs

Once you wear Ihram, you cannot cut your nails as well as your hairs. Hairs are shaved or cut only when it is the time of the ritual. In case, a nail is accidentally broken without the intention of the person then it is ok and one must not worry about it.

Head And One Shoulder Should Not Be Covered (For Men)

There is a specific way of wearing Ihram and the two-piece clothing for men needs to be worn as it is advised by the Holy Prophet (SAWW). It involves keeping head uncovered and one shoulder bare during Tawaf and it must be followed that way.

Covering Face Or Hands (For Women)

A woman can wear casual clean clothes and she must cover herself properly. Face must not be covered by veil and hands should be bare without any gloves or anything else.

Marrying Or Contract Of Marriage

During this state, it is not at all permissible to get married. According to some sects, it is permissible to make the contract only. This is the disputed thing which can be avoided if one totally avoids such activity during the performing of the sacred act. The focus should be on worship and not on these things.

Fulfilling Carnal Needs

This is also restricted and no such action is permissible while you are wearing Ihram. The attention must totally be towards Allah which the main objective of this sacred journey.

Using Scent

While you are wearing Ihram, you should not put on perfume. It is also not allowed to wear a piece of clothing that was scented with perfume. It is permissible neither for men nor for women.


Hunting is not permissible while you are wearing Ihram. It is quite normal when you are doing it in routine but at that particular time, one must avoid it. This is forbidden by Allah so it must be followed that way.

No Any Piece Of Clothing Other Than Ihram

Men cannot wear any piece of clothing like a shirt or trousers other than the two pieces of Ihram and there may be a few exceptions for undergarments.

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