Importance Of Laila Tul Qadr

Importance Of Laila Tul Qadr

As for Ramadan, it is the sacred month and the whole month is of great importance for the Muslims around the world. Despite the whole month being sacred, the last ‘Ashrah’ is of great religious importance. Among the nights of last ‘Ashrah’ or the last 10 days, the odd nights are of great significance. They can be 21, 23, 25, 27, and 29th night and the importance lies in the fact that among these nights a Muslim has to find one with the great rewards and blessings. This night is called ‘Laila tul Qadr’. Those are the luckiest ones who found it and take the best advantage out of it. Every Muslim must make an effort in finding it among the odd nights.

This Night Should Be Found By Specific Signs Provided By Allah (SWT)

The first sign, as we have told, is that of being one of the odd nights. There are other signs of this night. One includes the calmness and serenity in this night. The peace can be felt by the heart and this is the beauty of this night. Another one is that you can feel a glow in this night. The most important one is the gut feeling that you can have when you find this night and get all the blessings of Allah. This night can be the best night for Ibadah as it has got immense reward along with being tranquility.

Allah (SWT) Also Laid Stress On It In The Holy Quran

One of the most important events is that of sending down of the Holy Quran. In addition to it, in this night the angels come on earth and stay there for the whole night. Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran:

“Indeed, we sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree. And what can make you know what the Night of Decree is? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn.” [Quran 97:1-5]

The Importance Of This Night Can Be Understood By Ahadith

In Ahadith, there is the significance of this night explained. It is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness of sins. Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:

He who observed the fasts of Ramadan with faith and seeking reward (from Allah), all his previous sins would be forgiven, and he who observed prayer on Lailat-ul- Qadr with faith and seeking reward (from Allah), all his previous sins would be forgiven. [Sahih Muslim Book 6, Hadith 209]

What Should Be Done During Or While Searching For This Night

The activities that you have to do during this are to pray a lot and involve in ‘Zikar’. It will be a great practice if you perform ‘Itikaaf’. Try to offer more and more prayers and remember Allah (SWT) all the time. You have to offer ‘Tahajjud’ prayer as well in order to get as many blessings as you can.

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