Historical Places In Makkah


Makkah is preferably known as the capital of Islam. It is the desire of every Muslim to visit Makkah because Makkah has many beautiful & holy places which can be the desired destination of any Muslim. Makkah considered the center of Islam and every year Muslim gathered at the Holy Kaaba to perform Hajj, which is a compulsory ritual of the Muslim. And they have the pleasure expedition to Makkah with side tours and trips. However, you discover the beauty and remarkable things with your tour operator who will help you in having an incredible journey of the kingdom. Here are the most beautiful places of Makkah that can be explored due to its cultural, religious and historical importance.

Mount Arafat


The Mount Arafat a small mount situated in the east of Makkah and has the great historic importance. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) conveyed the goodbye address of Last Hajj standing on this hill. On the occasion of Hajj every year pilgrims spend their days on Arfah and praying to Allah for requesting His blessings and forgiveness.

Hira’ Cave


The Hira’ Cave has great significance in Islamic history. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) received the first revelation and He spent most of His time in the Hira Cave for praising Allah. It is located on the Jabal-al-Noor mount about 3 kilometers far away from Makkah. The pilgrims must love to visit this Cave and offered Nawafal there, which can be a pleasurable occasion for any Muslim.

Haram (Grand Mosque)


Masjid al-Haram is the grand Masjid of Makkah which is bounded by the sacred places of Islam. The Muslims of the world do their daily prayers in the direction of the largest mosque. Kabaa is at the center of the Haram and every year about 2 million Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah and praying which is just breathtaking sight. Pilgrims have the best experience to visit this grand Mosque and enjoy a spiritual journey of their life.

Safa and Marwa


Safa and Marwa have great religious importance, Hajriah (A.S) ran desperately from Safa to Marwa for searching Water for her thirsty son Ismail (A.S). She ran seven times around the hills and Allah acknowledged her genuine sacrifice and Allah decreed all the men pilgrims to repeat her running around the hills to honor her sacrifice.

Masjid Taneem


It is a big Mosque has all excellent facilities of ablution and bath.  Masjid Taneem is located 5 miles away from the Kaaba which is also recognized as Majid-e-Ayesha. It is the holy Miqat for those who come in Makkah for Hajj or Umrah and then they allow entering in the state of Ihram, so the pilgrims must be completed this condition.

Ji’ranah Mosque


Masjid Al-ji’ranah is located between Makkah and Taif, nearest to Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) stayed at this location on His way back from the war of Hunaian and entered Ihram from there. It is the Miqat that has amazing facilities and the interior of the Mosque will draw the attention of many.

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