Hajj is an obligatory pilgrimage for all Muslims who can afford to perform it, many of the lucky Muslim brother and sisters from all the around the world visit Mecca for performing Hajj every year.

The magnificent building of Islam is build by five strong pillars that are Shahadat, Salat, Zakat (alm-giving), Roza (fasting) and Hajj. All these pillars hold strongly the most glorious religion “ISLAM”. Hajj is the last the last pillar. Lots of Muslims would be going to perform hajj this year too, this is not the ordinary ritual so many things are need to be taken care of. There are many things to be done before you start hajj at 8th Zil-hajj.

Hajj is a pilgrimage to the sacred city Mecca which is performed once in every year. It is an obligatory religious duty on every adult and able Muslim to perform hajj at least once in a life time. It is mandatory only if a person is “Mustati” means that person is physically and financially capable to perform hajj.

Some basic conditions of performing hajj:

  • A person must be Muslim for performing hajj.
  • A person who is mentally ill or retarded than performing hajj is not obligatory for him.
  • Hajj is obligatory for one when reaches the puberty.
  • Nowadays, Hajj is done through some special requirements and arrangements. A person who is able to fulfil those requirements and can afford to pay for sacred journey to Mecca without begging from others or without taking loans or borrowing should go for Hajj.
  • If woman want to perform Hajj, she can only perform in company of a Meharam, she is not allowed to travel alone without Mehram.

Every country adopts its own formal procedure for Hajj applications. After conforming your visa and passport for hajj, there are few other matters a person must take care of.

Things to remember before leaving for hajj:

Before leaving for hajj, make sure that you have done the following things:

  1. Make sure that you have read all the necessary details and information regarding performing hajj. This can be done by reading booklets, attending Hajj training seminars and work shops.
  2. Check the currency exchange before leaving for hajj.
  3. Vaccination is very necessary so make sure that you have done vaccination before leaving for pilgrimage.
  4. Take necessity things of your daily use like cotton clothes, slipper, Ihraam etc and other thing which you think you need to pack.
  5. Recite supplication or Dua for hajj before leaving.
  6. Before going memorize all the mandatory dua’s that are to be recited during different hajj rituals.
  7. Buy a pocket Dua book.

A pilgrim enters in Mecca in state of Ihram.  A person should be clean before going the state of Ihram. After wearing ihram, do Niyah (intention) for hajj and start your pilgrimage.

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